Stand Strong Against Bullying!
​​​​​Dyslalia advocates for children with learning disabilities.
The word "bully"doesn't exist in Dyslalia's dictionary.Since Dyslalia was a little girl she wanted to change the world with her special powers.
She saw the disrespect between some children and the Unacceptable way they talked to each other: Boys and girls are supposed to love and respect one another. In her own life. She suffered for many years the horror of bullying, and because of that, she became shy and scared of people. When she became an adult , she discovered something that she owened  her whole life.: It was Her favorite book. In that book she found the wisdom and the power she always needed to fight the malice caused by bullies and to end the cycle of abuse.

Super Dyslalia

Comic Book 

​​​"A Cosmic Comic Book Dyslalia's Adventures"

   United We Can Break The Cruelty!