Super Dyslalia

Comic Book 

​​​"A Cosmic Comic Book Dyslalia's Adventures"

    Stop Bullying!
Dyslalia is the heroine of defenseless children. She delivers a lesson to all the bullies in the world by teaching them not to play with other's feelings. She won't stand for a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people .Dyslalia's lessons include teaching those who feel weak to be strong and confident. She will be always be there for them. Dyslalia calls for everyone to "Stand up for what you believe is right in life and not  what bullies try to force you to do." She protects children and fights for their well being and safe spaces for them to grow to be independent and confident in themselves .
Bullies Beware
No matter how big or small you are. Dyslalia will help you achieve your dreams if you truly believe in her. Dyslalia will distribute Justice, one of her secret powers,  to defenseless children. Forces of darkness beware! Dyslalia will be there to unmask the bullies showing the defenseless the way to a brighter future. She is super powerful, so powerful that just her presence is enough to scare off the bullies.They know she can see them.

Secret Identity

Dyslalia's secret identity is Emma Powers. Her best friend is a white cat named Alphabet . Her adult life consists of being a librarian at the the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Normally , she dresses up as a regular woman. She then transforms herself into a superhero in a special hideout at her workplace.  The planet spins slowly as Dyslalia helps kids when they are lonely. Justice for all is overwhelmingly important for Dyslalia.  She believes in the powers of benevolence, charity , mercy, generosity , and compassion . Every child should be valued. Your situation may seem impossible , but Dyslalia will always be there for you!  By dispensing global justice, she is a super hero of the world.